Friday, June 25, 2004

A quick note

Read the eyewitness account of Alexandra Beech at the US Senate hearings on Venezuela this week. And do not forget to read again the Aleksander Boyd reports on how the Chavez money goes to fund his overseas supporters. Then for homework you can meditate on the effectiveness of it all.

Added 24 hours later: Gustavo Coronel has also come out with his own eye witness version. I should also point out that venezuelanalysis has his own version. However the site has next to it an article considering VEA a serious newspaper... Really! But I suppose that now that Ultimas Noticias is once again found disgrace in the eyes of El Supremo, VEA must be promoted. Funnily that interview with a director of VEA points out that he was a TASS correspondent for years. Enough said!

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