Friday, June 11, 2004

Venevision searched by the Venezuelan security police, DISIP

This afternoon a party of security police and National Guards searched one house rented by Venevision, NOT the main installations (they have also searched other properties of the Cisneros group to which Venevision belongs). Venevision did not even interrupt its broadcast and Globovision was the first one to send the images live.

Well, they did find something. Some old handguns in some kind of small storage room with a broken window. As seen on TV the they were old guns, many missing parts that made most of them totally useless. Venevision director did not know of these old guns but said that one of the most ancient employees remembered that this house was a private security company before the house was rented by Venevision about 20 years ago. Someone did not clean up well before moving in. Or perhaps they kept that for props in some of the TV shows organized from that house?

Of course, the search was directed to that particular house looking for "war weapons" in connection with the "paramilitary affair" (soon to become fiasco?). It is interesting that these old weapons were so conveniently found in what is a rather public place. In a room where anyone could have got inside to drop them. Paramilitary training there? Going to assault Miraflores Palace with rusted incomplete guns? Why do I smell a rat again?

Some personalities have already dismissed the event as a mere show to distract from the real question, the Recall Election. For the time being, I tend to agree.

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