Friday, June 11, 2004

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Friday 11, June 2004

That was the title of the latest Juan Forero installment. Now, readers of this blog know that I have been criticizing Juan Forero reporting on Venezuela for the NYT for quite a while, but for once I must admit that he has hit bull's eye! Namely, the electoral fraud that the Electoral Board, CNE, seems to be planning.

Simply put, the electronic system chosen by the CNE is far from satisfactory as to the safety requirements for a fair election. I have already commented on that in the March 28 post. And, for example, more can be read recently on the Sixth Republic by Alex or in Spanish with Carlos Garnier. In other words, Venezuelan bloggers have been quite aware of the problems for a while and we welcome foreign opinion becoming aware of the problem too.

Then again Juan Forero is not the only one signing the article, explaining perhaps the more direct critical tone.... Or perhaps he is finally opening his eyes as to the real nature of the beast?

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