Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Chavez to be sanctioned for illegal campaign activities

April's fool! Bwahahahahah!

Wait! We are in October!

Finally after months of campaign abuse someone at the CNE decided to raise a complaint (English). About time that they noticed!!!!! Maybe Sobella Mejias finally realized that after her friend the Zulia governor got such a trashing last Sunday...

But her late reactions must have had a slight effect since the CNE finally decided to open an "investigation".

Bwahahahah! Hahahahaha! (tears and sob due to heavy laughter).

Did Rodriguez listen to Chavez today in Yaracuy? Is he aware that this has been going for ever and that now at four days of the election it really does not matter much if he slaps a fine on Chavez wrist?

Does Rodriguez think that he is fooling ANYONE, from either side in Venezuela?

April's fool indeed!

Bwahahahahaha! Whahahaha! Cough! Cough! (writer passed out just as he hit the "publish" key)

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