Sunday, October 31, 2004

Just back from auditing a ballot center!

I was away for all of this time because I managed to get involved in the auditing of a ballot center. Only 6 people were allowed in and somehow I managed. All was fine there. Lapi won by 2 to 1 and more. From the witnesses for Lapi I gathered that informally Lapi won big in Yaracuy. So did my mayor. So we are fine, I hope, though there is always the 3 AM surprise.

I heard that Carabobo, Zulia and Monagas were preserved for the opposition, and that Margarita and Tachira might have been gained. No word yet on other states, in particular Miranda which was in a very tight rope last time I heard of.

More later, but right now, the CNE has postponed the announcement until 11 PM, usually a sign that the government is not faring as planned...

Now I am going to get some diner and write later on my experience and results as they arrive. But in Yaracuy pro Lapi folks are already celebrating.

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