Monday, December 13, 2004

Poll results

Well, it seems that I have won though it is not official yet. They are checking for ballot stuffing. It has been detected in most categories, and even this blog was a victim as 100 votes were stricken a couple of days ago. I do appreciate that some folks love this blog so much that they are willing to cheat on my behalf, but please, next time spare us the embarassment, or do not get caught :-) Or maybe it was chavistas trying to discredit me? In this land of magical realism all is possible!

At any rate, while we are waiting for the final result, commending the organizers for the extra work of checking for cheats, I must already thank all who voted for this blog, win or lose. The victory speech will have to wait for the official result, though Val has already conceded, probably very relieved not to have to shave his legs :-)

However there is one sour note. The category was the least voted of all, even with the mild cheating that we witnessed. Blogging in English seems to still be a rather US activity (and Australia as they trashed the UK in total votes) and a conservative one, if we are to judge by the results in other categories. Though I am sure that over time diversity will increase.

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