Sunday, December 05, 2004

Vcrisis and terrorism

The other day I was writing about bloggers jailed in Iran. Now we have a Venezuelan web site accused of terrorism.

What is wrong with this picture?

Yes, indeed, Alek can be quite loud on occasion and even says things he should not be saying. I even wrote him so, that some of the stuff he writes hurts his cause. Not to mention that he is certainly not any louder than some of the ones that grace the pages of Aporrea.

On the other hand he is very clearly identified, has attended all sorts of meetings, rallies and what not, and was even one of the organizers of the Recall Vote in the London Venezuelan embassy. A terrorist with a mask he is not. He is very easy to pluck and probably too broke to even buy a pound of cheap fireworks for Christmas.

So what is going on there? Thinking aloud to prepare a way to shut down Internet once the Gag Law enters in effect? Forgive my suspicious mind...


PS: added later. If you want to see a catalogue of state sponsored actions that could pass on occasion for terrorism, read this, in English. These are the real stuff and the press is starting not to buy anymore some of the Danilo Anderson stories that we are fed with. But then again soon they will be accused of being "terrorist press".

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