Saturday, February 19, 2005


Finally I am getting around to do some serious updating. The link section has changed a lot. Since I am not done yet it is a good time to let me know blogs or sites that would be appropriate for me to add (do not forget that Venezuela Today has it all, I want to add only sites that go with what this blog aims to present).

Also I finally got around to have a feed system to work. I know, I know, I am HTLM illiterate (maybe there is a mision for that?). But the fact is that I do not use site feeds, and basically had no idea what they were for. Now the atom feed is working (or so I was told) and I will try to add another one over the week end.

The comment section will also change (I already changed the color, but I am toying with format and more control as the general tone has gone downhill)

Other suggestions are welcome (other than erasing this blog, of course).

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