Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Weird hysteria attack

I am in Caracas these days, business and elections (the OUI won by 80% in embassies vote!). And I was also busy enough that I was completely oblivious of a rather weird incident taking palce in downtown Caracas. Apparently a few hundred supporters gathered under the gates of Miraflores palace to demand that Chavez shows his face. He has been missing since last Saturday and all sorts of wild rumors were flying. Well, he reappeared at a cabinet meeting, claiming that he was out of town visiting his daughter from his second marriage.

Maybe. It is weird because nobody came out to say such a normal and simple thing until Chavez himself did so. Why? Would had not been possible for the spokesperson of Miraflores to come out and say "The president is having a private moment with some relatives. All is fine and he will be back at work Monday afternoon"?

What was weirdest was the show of despair of his supporters willing to believe that he was dead or something. I, for one, was relieved that for 48 hours the president was not occupying the news. I was more than willing to enjoy the break, and suspected from the start that it was some strange show set up for some even more stranger reason. After all, the Supremos of history LOVE to checkout the love of their flocks....

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