Friday, July 08, 2005

Bloggers are fast

OK, so it is Friday night, I am tired from a lot of work this week and lot's of writing last week end. So, instead I will congratulate myself and my readers.

The PDVSA funding of a Samba school was reported in this very blog before any newspaper, of course as it should be for bloggers aware of the crispy news. But one reader, Katy, did write the following comment on Thursday morning:

PDVSA agora e'de toudos! (I hope I got that right)

Thus she beat Tal Cual of today by 24 hours for that headline.

But there is still more satisfaction for this blogger as the Tal Cual article reports the historical of the Samba school in question "Unidos Vila Isabel", with very similar question (such as : Is PDVSA financing Carnaval in Carupano or El Callo, which are endogenos?), an historical which I did not see elsewhere. I do not know whether Tal Cual reads this blog, but we will pretend it does and keep it as our little secret. :-)

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