Sunday, July 17, 2005

New Blog announcement

The Sumate trial is coming. In addition Sumate's name will reappear in the press a lot during the second half of the year due to its high profile at election time. Thus we have gathered (4 contributors so far) to manage a blog that will be active for the next few months only and whose mission will be to compile the articles published about Sumate, and to a lesser extent election topics related to the role of Sumate. In other words, a site where lots of info on Sumate will be available, picked up from blogs, the press, in different languages, etc... Please, feel free to send whatever you find around that you deem relevant.

The site is: The Sumate Files

Articles or testimonials pro or against Sumate will be considered for posting, as long as a verifiable e-mail address sends them and they are written in a reasonably objective way. But you guessed right, I will be the final judge of it if my co authors are divided on whether to publish it.

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