Friday, September 16, 2005

A new link on news in English

The Daily Journal, a tabloid format daily with a long Venezuelan tradition as the English language newspaper of Venezuela has finally set up shop in the net. This way it joins El Universal English language section to provide a source of news for the English only reader. This is indeed welcome news: the Daily Journal has a more detached look on the Venezuelan news than Venezuelan newspapers as it tries to serve the large foreign population that lives in Caracas, be they from the US or anywhere in Europe. The stress in the news might be more to the US audience interest but the feel is certainyl not of a US paper (though it does provide some of the main comics :) After all, not only the Daily Journal serves the US expat community, but it also serves the very large Venezuelan group that studied or lived many years in the US (such as yours truly).

This blogger is quite happy to have now two reliable sources of news in English as it will help him greatly when he writes up his posts.

Visit The Daily Journal

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