Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A flag "por el buche"

Chavez in recent months has threatened to win the election of December by "metiendole 10 millones por el buche". The literal translation would be "forcing down the [opposition] throat 10 millon [votes ]". “buche” can be translated by “crop” or “maw”, as in a bird throat. The offensive vulgarity in Venezuelan Spanish defies translation.

So Weil, his usual brilliant self, has found a way to reverse, in a way, that awful Chavez catch phrase. Since he is the one that force fed us the new flag, well, the little Venezuelan in the arms of Chavez is puking out that 8 star flag. I am not sure if the deft touch of Weil is really apparent for the reader not used to him, but to me, well, it is brilliant, Chavez induced aneroxia and bulimia included.

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