Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sweet and Sour

Today two events that I have long predicted came to pass: the corruption of the chavista government came up for all to see, as well as its purest fascist tendencies.

Velazquez Alvaray, one of the most sycophantic characters of the regime, who as an assemblyman promoted the reelection for life of Chavez and who defended the dossier of the new Supreme Court making this one a servile instrument of Chavez, has been caught in his own webs of deceit and thievery. I do not care to go into the convoluted details, suffice to say that the death of Danilo Anderson is circling closer to someone in the government.

The ULA, the Merida old and venerable university, was invaded by the Nazional Guard. Who denied it did through the voice of the main assistant to the governor even though as all the evidence was coming out. Thus the regime of the masses, of the students, of liberty has become like any other old Venezuelan regime, raiding illegally a campus when he cannot get students to vote as it wishes.

It is really awful but I cannot help enjoying the satisfaction of the moment. Three today with Rodriguez slap, just as, by the way the infamous ABN has been keeping up for now two month a text titled “the dignity of Jorge Rodriguez”.

Stuff like that, again, cannot be made up. Weep and enjoy.

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