Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Another type of Castro Birthday

Courtesy from Babalu we are treated to a celebration of Fidel Castro's birthday in San Francisco, as if the vile one with Chavez in Havana were not enough.

First, I have a problem with Val's entry: I am a Birkenstock guy and I do not support Castro.

Now, on that birthday "performance" reported by the San Francisco Sentinel. I think the pictures speak by themselves. Only in San Francisco would we find such a completely nonsensical performance led by a green party candidate defending an island which is "green" because the dictator does not allow for environmental damage evaluation. Priceless.

The words of that green person, Krissy Keefer:

"The actual Dear Fidel piece was originally created last year when we did the first Cuba-Caribe festival and I did it as a tribute to Fidel Castro because Cuba and Castro were being so heavily attacked by [Secretary of State] Condoleeza Rice and the Bush administration."

And this is the crux of the matter. These people hate so much Bush and co (justifiedly or not being another story) that they are willing to fogive anything, ANYTHING, to whomever attacks Bush and Co.

I do not know about you, but if I agree that the Bush administration has a lot to ask forgiveness for, it is hard to compare its evil with the evils of 47 years of Castro regime. For example there was a certain Cindy O'hara on behalf of the Cuban Five. However, I did not find anyone defending the hundreds of political prisoners in Cuba.

But that is all fine, these people are so out of it, so clueless, so unable to look beyond their navel that they are no threat to the US way of life, offering instead the gentle "native" touch for tourists in San Francisco. As for a threat elsewhere? I suspect that their propaganda value is not that great as the woes of rich San Francisco are something the the huddled masses of LatAm have a hard time to understand, and even harder time to relate to.

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