Thursday, August 24, 2006

Barreto asked to apologize?

Just got on the news tonight (I was not watching much today, preparing for a trip and waiting for the season finale of Grey's Anatomy :).

But it seems that Chavez's party has demanded that Barreto fix a time and place to make public and complete apologies to the mayors Capriles and Radonski. Otherwise the MVR will take sanctions against him. It seems that the largest part of chavismo could not stomach what Barreto did last Monday night and the party had to do something about it.

Nice to see that there are some embers of decency still within chavismo leadership.

Or is it part of the "plan"? How can we know for sure?

Chavismo has been ruling by pushing one scandal to hide another (Alvaray anyone?). How can we know whether the Barreto thing was the work of a free agent, a semi approved thing with few people in the know or a bona fide part of the electoral campaign of chavismo?

Again, let's Barreto apologize and while he is it at it let's keep focusing on all that is rotten in Venezuela keeping in mind that such outbursts are meant to distract us away from the reality.

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