Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A genocide Chavez could care about

A Washington Post editorial reminds us quietly this morning of what is going on in Darfur. I re-read it with even more interest as I realized that Chavez had never spoke of the Darfur-Sudan disaster.

Yet Chavez has already been several times to Africa (Venezuela has even opened this week a diplomatic representation in Sao Tome and Principe!). Well, yes, he was seeking votes to gain a Security Council seat. But surely Chavez who loves to use the word genocide for a few dozen deaths here and there could use it for Darfur where we are talking millions of displaced people and hundred of thousand of killed people. Black people at that. Hunger, willful starvation of a group of people by a group of people just because the former is "different" than the second. Ain't that a good definition for genocide? Is it not something that the Human Rights beacon the Bolivarian Revolution aspires to become could involve itself in?

But no, nothing... Forgive me if I am a tad sensitive this morning, but last night I was forced to face the fact that even Castro might be better than Chavez: after all there is no anti -Semitism from Castro that we can document. But if we cannot document Chavez kind words for Darfur downtrodden masses (I searched Google News) we can document Chavez growing anti Semitic disposition (try Chavez and anti semitism in google!).

Sometimes I wonder how come so many can fall for such a fake as the Bolivarian Revolution is. Hypocrites?

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