Saturday, August 19, 2006

Rosales registers

Today Manuel Rosales went to register his name for the December presidential election. I was rather busy with personal stuff today and could not follow much except for a few minutes at lunch time on TV. Crowds seemed to me larger than I would have expected this soon in the campaign, which is good. Chavismo stayed put, no Lina Ron hordes blocking access tot he CNE as they did in the past.

On TV supporters of Rosales who until a few days ago were preparing for a primary (that seems missed by none) fell over each other in pledges of unity and support for the Rosales candidacy. Thus, without even officially running Rosales managed the unity of what matters in the opposition and their pledges to support him sounded, believe it or not, as sincere as we could expect from politicians.

We shall see. But let's savor that the Rosales launch looked much better than the Chavez launch a few dasy ago, rose petals included. Read it all at Miguel's who attended.

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