Saturday, August 26, 2006

The silly escalation continue

A diplomatic pouch

Sometimes I wonder whether the state department is not promoting the reelection of Chavez. With their local bugaboo about to croak across the Florida straits, Chavez could do. So now, at the start of a tough campaign they could not think of anything better to do but name officially a super spy for Venezuela. Or something of the sort. At any rate, Washington might make dumb moves but it can always count on a dumber move from chavismo. In a rather troubled event the Nazional Guard has intercepted the diplomatic pouch of the US. Apparently the Diplomatic Pouch included a few trucks with the move items of someone, among others. They also arrived in a military US plane.

Of course Venezuela was not going to miss such an opportunity. So they searched the pouch and are claiming all sorts of things, but nothing serious shown yet. The US denies any wrong doing and claims the Vienna convention. I am not going to get into the tit for tat except to note that I would doubt very much that the US would take such risk at this time. I am sure that if the US needs to smuggle weapons into Venezuela it can find better ways than Caracas Airport through a military plane... I mean, why not paint on the plane "Smuggling weapons vehicle".

Barreto insists

Far from apologizing, Barreto today went ahead and insulted again, though at a less strident level, the mayors of the other day. We are thus forced to accept that no excuses are coming , that El Nacional front page was a con job and that fascism is indeed one of the electoral tactics of chavismo. The Rosales effect must have surprised chavismo quite a lot for them to already react in such a desperate way. To be continued.

And in China...

As seen on TV. Chavez from China repeats, again, that democracy should start in the US before this one worries about Cuba. Now, nothing new in this scandalous statement. However there was a novelty: he is also accusing the US of McCarthysm. Yes, that is right, while Chavez sponsors not only the Tascon Maisanta lists, he is adding to it through the financial investigation on Sumate donors (many small ones in that list). That is, while in Venezuela there is an active McCarthy system, in expansion, Chavez attacks the long ago condemned US one.

Thus we reach this new paradox. Until now the favorite excuse for chavistas when you confront them with their abuse of power is that similar abuse were done in Venezuela before Chavez. Now they are looking for the US to justify their abuses. So, Huguito, when are you going to open a concentration camp and minimize it by saying it was done elsewhere, so why not here? Are you coming out of that fascist closet too?

At least, while Chavez is in China throwing good Venezuelan money away Rosales keeps centered promising not to give away a single Venezuelan penny as long as there are poor people in Venezuela. I wonder what will work better on the trail, Chavez stupid statements in China or Rosales down to earth, all Venezuelan, approach....

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