Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Update on the preceeding post

The buzz today was of course the Barreto tantrum

Tonight Alo Ciudadano does the extensive analysis, including as guests Capriles and Lopez (Barreto could come of course, but he would have to accept the live call in feature of the talk show that chavistas dislike and have it banned from VTV).

As a summary

The cameras did not film the end of the event. Apparently right after Barreto ended his fascist tirade, the curtain fell. He stepped down from the podium and surrounded by dozenS of body guards (plural stressed) he tied to go and pick a fist fight with Capriles. This one refused to indulge the aggression and Barreto spat on him. Twice. In the scuffle Lopez was hit indirectly by Barreto. But their assistant managed to get around their mayors and the small group managed to leave the Teresa Carreño by the back door. Screams of "Kill the dogs" were heard from the crowd on the other side of the curtain, BUT ALSO from Barreto. "¡Maten esos perros!".

It seems that it was a set up alright. Alo Cidudano's anchor took the unusual step to reveal that Globovision sources from within the government reported to them that Chavez was furious by the rather low attendance ceremony when he went to register his candidacy for the reelection. He was told that the disgust with Barreto in Caracas is so big among chavistas (forget about the opposition of course!) that they were unable to rally as many Caraqueños as they would have wanted (hence the explanation on why the high proportion of chavistas from outside Caracas in attendance!)

It might thus be that Barreto shunned from the campaign has taken the initiative, on his own, to do something outrageous to get back into the Chavez campaign.

That might fire back badly for him. Globovision reports of an emergency meeting of the MVR in Caracas right now.

Globovision announces that Grado 33 will have a special show tonight at 8 PM Caracas time on yesterday's farce. Be sure not to miss it.

This post will be updated through the evening. Meanwhile I indulge in patting my back on my hypothesis of last night. I mean, you need not to be a rocket scientist to figure out some of the motivation of Barreto, but it is nice to see them confirmed in less than 24 hours :)

Update: So I listened to Grado 33. The normally 30 minutes program was lengthened to 60 minutes. We got the whole speech of Barreto, minus the "blips" there the vulgarity of Barreto had to be covered. I did today's SUDOKU to help me out with the chore of listening to it. Barreto is truly repulsive physically: anger does not suit him at all. At the end we got a short clip of the reply from Lopez and Capriles. The comparison is what allowed Grado 33 anchor, Norberto Meza, not to give too many comments during the broadcast: the images and the sound track spoke for themselves, even more when the dignity and poise of Capriles and Lopez is observed.

Right now as I type we are gettign a "cadena". Probably some violation of the electoral code as Chavez trip to China is glorified. Will he admit that he is selling oil to China at a discount instead of the full price he could be getting from the US?

Anyway, to conclude. I had the additional satisfaction to see Grado 33 point out at how fascist Barreto actions were, in particular when he said that he could not be accused of being one. Almost word for word in Spanish what I used to open my post last night. Again, no creativity on my part, just an observation what is obvious for whomever has a minumimn of general culture and does not use words lightly.

How this will end up? Well, I truly hope that Barreto is disowned by his own party. Otherwise, the slippery slope for all of us.

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