Thursday, September 21, 2006

Chavez at the UN, Ahminadejerk in Caracas

Well, finally able to connect and I am finding my mail box full of notes and even for the comment section as to Chavez prestation on the UN. Unfortunately I have little to say: I was back in German speaking areas and thus I could not follow the reactions. However I could see that the crossing of Chavez was played over, and also the rather spare attendance at the UN for chavez speech. CNN of course was more talkative, but CNN does not count much on this type of stuff.

The best is from Clinton who said something like that: "he does not hurt us, he only hurts himself and Venezuela".

Nothing else needs to be added.

Of more interest was the visit of the Iranian president in Venezuela. That did raise a few eyebrows in Europe. If to this you add Chavez crossing himself at the UN, then I can speculate that Chavez stock in Europe went down a further notch: these type of hystrionics do not go down well in Europe. Then again the target of Chavez is not Europe, it is LatAm. It has been a long time that more rational Europe has ceased to be a field of opportunity for Chavez, except for a few wackos like Ken in London. We'll see....

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