Saturday, December 16, 2006

Babalu wins

Babalu, managed by my good friend Valentin Prieto, has won the Wiz bang award. Well deserved and without even campaigning for it. In the past two years he was the unhappy second place finisher to my blog and then to Miguel, but both of us, NOTE, did withdraw in favor of Babalu when voting started a week ago. In fact, I withdrew as soon as I learned that I was in the 10 running, since winning once is more than enough and honorable for me (last year I was also nominated but managed in time to have my name taken out of the list). However in the past two contests part of the fun was the campaigning that we all did to get votes whereas this year there was no such actions, no endorsement sought, no campaigning over the voters, etc... Still, the past amiable fight with Babalu allowed us to meet him, become friends for the good cause and made us root for him this time without a second thought. Not to mention that I am allowed to post in Babalu as the Venezuelan correspondent.

Oh! and in spite of withdrawing in the first hours of contest Venezuela News still managed not to finish last. Thanks to those who voted!

-The end-

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