Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Shake-up Begins

by Alex Beech

Even though my Internet connection is practically gone, (and I haven't found a good tech), I couldn't resist stealing my neighbors' wireless connection just this once to report that President Chavez has started a shake-up in his cabinet.

On Wednesday night, Chavez announced via phone on a government-supported channel that Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel will be replaced by none other than former National Elections Council president Jorge Rodriguez. Furthermore, Minister of Interior and (Justice?) Minister Jesse Chacon will be replaced by one of the most colorful characters in Venezuela: Pedro Carreno. (As some of you know, I like to remind Venezuelans that Carreno once warned "el colectivo" that Direct TV was spying on us through those little boxes it places on our TV sets). Carreno is a true ork, able to speak while holding eye contact with no one.

What next? Tibisay Lucena as Minister of Education? Central Bank Governor?

Happy New Year!

-The End-

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