Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What Venezuelans voted for: Corruption In Venezuela

Miguel beat me to an article in Le Monde where corruption in Venezuela is described in the crudest manner, bolibanana republic style. Le Monde in fact has this nifty feature to add its articles to blogs, so I am giving it a try.

Of course it is in French but Miguel somewhat managed to make a decent translation even though he does not speak French, so I do not need to bother with it. It is impressive how the journalist caught from the "cash payment" of huge bills (to avoid leaving a paper trail) at the Hilton of Caracas to how the system of government favors corruption through CADIVI, Misiones and what not. Nothing of course that the readers of this blog did not know of.

To this you might want to read the now celebrated "compendium" on corruption written by Gustavo Coronel.

Now, get braced for 6 more years of unbridled corruption. No matter what pious words against corruption Chavez utters here and then, it has become such a ruling tool for him that there is no way he can send the corrupt officials of his regime to jail: he would be left nearly alone!!!! Even his relatives in Barinas State would need to be investigated for their spectacular rise from rags to riches.

-The End-

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