Monday, March 26, 2007

Celso Amorim gets in the game

Brazilian foreign policy is a serious one. It is organized, it has career diplomats, it works for the interests of Brazil through the ages. The Venezuelan foreign policy has stopped existing. Now the foreign service of the country has become the foreign service of Chavez, a service whose only function is to spread propaganda outside of Venezuela to promote Chavez and what he calls his ideas. It also manages some of the shady deals that feed the coffers of corruption, but that is another story. There is no such a thing anymore as a Venezuelan State foreign policy, only a bunch of rascals and thugs appointed as a reward to some embassy somewhere where they lower even further the name of Venezuela.

That is why Venezuelan diplomats are getting into more trouble everyday. There is one representative that had to be shifted to another country because he faced charges of sexual harassment. The new country is not giving the placet yet. Another one in Colombia was videotaped in a political activity where not even a chargé d'affaire could have attended from the parking lot. Mexico has yet to get a new ambassador as the relationship between both countries were damaged by the reckless attitude of the then ambassador who is now back at home writing utter nonsense in EL Nacional.

So the latest Brazil spat extensively reported in this blog is only but the latest scandal.

Today it went a step further as Celso Amorim, Brazil's foreign minister has cited Garcia Montoya to shut him up before things get out of hand. It must be remembered that the trade deficit is 10 to 1 in favor of Brazil. 10 to 1!!!!! Even Lula was heard saying that Venezuela surely should have something that Brazil could buy besides oil that it does not need (from the empty shelves in Caracas stores lately, Lula might as well forget about it). So Celso does not want Brazil to lose such a good client and to keep appearances he also said that he would talk to Helio Costa. But Helio Costa has said what he had to say and debating further with a trick like Garcia Montoya is simply below him. Helio Costa is also smart enough to understand that Brazil is sucking enough on that Chavez teat to know where to stop arguing, or rather than arguing, talking down to the pseudo ambassador. Small incomplete English note here.

All so very funny in fact.

-The end-

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