Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Chavez and the fascist revolution

A few days ago Chavez was at an event to speed up the creation of his one party state. Well, not quite a one party state yet but it is just a matter of time. And he said a few choice words as to what he sees the role of the High Court of Venezuela, TSJ. Enlightening considering the recent dispute between the National Assembly and the TSJ. Well, it seems the TSJ is there not to do justice but to facilitate the ways of the revolution. That is, whatever serves of justice in Venezuela these days should be understood as the system which favors Chavez and his ideas. The other folks, well, they can forget about justice.

Next is the short segment of the video with the unforgettable words of the great leader now openly fascist. Since it is short I have taken the pain to translate his words below. Enjoy. Interpretation next.

[47 s]The national revolutionary government wants to take a decision against something that, for example, must go through a judicial process [35 s]and they start to move on the contrary, in the shadows. And many times they manage to neutralize decisions of the revolution [26 s]through a judge, or a court, or even in the very TSJ, [19 s] behind the back of the leader of the revolution, acting from inside against the revolution. [12 s] This is, I repeat, treason to the people, treason of the revolution. And this is one of the biggest threats that we have from inside.

The implications are staggering for such a brief set of words!

[47 s]There is no other government possible than the revolutionary government, bye bye democracy and citizens choices. And then he goes on to give a new meaning to judicial activism! That is the government has the right to use tribunals to further its goals. Normally tribunals are to stop, avoid abuses, but in Chavez world they are there to speed up things in his favor.

[35 s] Here we have the ratification of the above. And the start of the attack against the judicial power. The plot against Chavez is implied.

[26 s] Now the enemy suggested in the shadows is made evident, it is the TSJ [it is not idle to remind the gentle reader once again that the TSJ members were named by Chavez himself barely a couple of years ago].

[19 s] Now we have the intended confusion between the leader of the revolution, the revolution and the people. Classic stalino-castro-fascism. Betrayal of the leader is betrayal of the revolution.

[12 s] and now the threats and the actions that must naturally be done. Since the revolution has been betrayed through its leader, the one who is the real target of the treasonous TSJ, we are led to deduce that no punishment would be strong enough for such a heinous crime.

So now we know what is the problem between the National Assembly and the TSJ. It is in fact a proxy fight as the TSJ is stopping, refusing, denying something to Chavez. The "thing" is not that relevant when all is said and done. What is relevant here, and look for Chavez grimaces during that very short speech, is that something has dared to stand in front of him. Be it a meek or strong protest, it is simply unacceptable and it must be crushed. It comes with all included, even the crushing fist.

Thus works totalitarianisms, and our totalitarian leader is ready to assume his role. Woe is us!

-The end-

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