Monday, April 16, 2007

Intelligent political quiz of the day

For those who manage some French, Liberation, the smart set leftist paper, has a great political quiz that determines which should be the candidate you should vote for next Sunday in France.

I came out for Sarkozy with a very close second Royal. The reason? As usual on social and civil rights issues I tended to agree most with Segolene (minority rights) whereas on economical and financial issues I tended to agree more with Nicolas (fiscal restraint), the foreign aspect more or less being even. Thus, as I wrote earlier I am looking forward the second round campaign and debate to see which one is it. It is important to know for folks new to French politics, that the second round campaign is very different from the first one as that is where the alliances are cemented and where we can really see which way each candidate wants to take the country, the first round campaign being more of a wish list affair.

-The end-

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