Monday, May 28, 2007

Troubles in Caracas

[updated at 5 PM and 6 PM]

I have been told that there is some trouble in some Caracas areas. I am at work and no broadband, no TV (not that this matter much since only Globovision would be passing anything). You are on your own until tonight for details but keep an eye open. Miguel might have some stuff, and I am sure plenty of Spanish language pages for those who can speak the language.--- --- ---

I am back home now and Globovision and broadband. And I am treated right from the start to a split image at Globovision showing one one side the live shot of Globovision at Plaza Brion of Chacaito, and on the right side the crass manipulation of VTV, where the government is trying to pretend that the opposition extremists are disguised as students to trouble public order. Look at the picture below and count the politicians disguised as students. The governmental manipulation is so crass that it is almost embarrassing to watch it.

(Picture from the Associated Press today, by the way, hat tip Publius)

But of course, what would one expect. Now, with RCTV closed then it is the word of Globovision against the word of VTV. not that it mattered much before, the government woudl simply say that both RCTV and Globo were liars. That simple and argument.

But since Lara is not scoring a single point lately, the embarrassing minister of propaganda went ahead today and launched an attack on CNN and Globovision. That is right, the cameras of RCTV have not even cooled down since they were switched off that Lara already starts the judicial proceedings to close Globovison. I knew it was going to be fast, but not that fast. Even Reuters picks it up already.

Obviously the student protests of today, repressed with an unnecessary violence, have touched a raw nerve. I suppose that Chavez prefers the grateful students all in the same red t-short, sitting down in AC room of the Teresa Carreño theater, ovationing him when he gives them 1800 computers, to these students from all the best universities of Venezuela, marching under the sun and heat to protest for freedom of expression in Venezuela and who happen to sit down in the street whenever the repressive apparatus of the state moves against them.

That is all that was missing to Chavez record: student repression.

More problems for Chavez

Besides becoming today officially a student repressing tyrant, Chavez got a condemnation form the EU. See, he laughed at the EU parliament vote a few days ago, but he was wrong. Now it is Germany as the current president of the EU and the warning carries much more weight.

Oh! And Reporters Without Borders also emitted a stern condemnation.

-The end-

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