Friday, June 08, 2007

Breaking news: the N.A. ambush of yesterday further exposed

Globovision has just revealed the social security sheets of some of the "students" that went to the National Assembly yesterday to defend Chavez side. At least four of them are public sector employees. That does not mean that they are not students, you can hold a job and be a student. But the jobs were quite telling: one in TeleSur, the chavista CNN, one in RNV, the state Chavez controlled radio, one at some social "foundation" chavista controlled of course and one at the USB. That last one, from the numbers shown does not seem to be some kind of work study student thing, she seems to have quite a job there.

In other words, those "students" sent yesterday to "debate" were no neophytes: they were perfectly trained propaganda machines. No wonder they did not need to hold a piece of paper in front, the indoctrination was deep enough that they know all the pre recorded sentences and sayings that they need to know.

Not only it was a total ambush set, but it was lousily set at that and it is blowing on their faces!!!

How low will chavismo crawl?

-The end-

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