Monday, June 11, 2007

Venezuela News and Views exposure

Well, it was going to happen with the closing of RCTV and the end of freedom of information. Venezuelan blogs exposure had to increase. This blog has done rather surprisingly good. In no particular order.

It all started with a BBC podcast. The same Radio 5 live of previous podcasts.

Then there is another podcast with the Shire Network. I got a call from this conservative, anti Islamic Fundamentalist group and I wondered by curiosity how it would work out. After all, I have that Euston Manifesto badge on the right and I wondered how any conservative blog could be calling me. The interview part went fine in fact, no agenda, just seeking information. Unfortunately the sound quality was not great on occasion, and I was still somewhat asleep (they called from Australia).

To balance this visit to the right, Index on Censorship, a UK magazine, that seems to be from the Labor side has recently opened a web site to include more information and asked me for a comment there, to explain what the RCTV closing meant. I was honored to oblige here.

And we also have translations. Well, I did them for the "Week the Bolivarian Revolution died" helped by readers to improve the style (you know who you are).

There was first the French translation posted at Agoravox, a major center left to left forum in France. I submitted it and they published it. For those who can mange some French I invite you to visit the comment section: you will see comments of a harshness that make some of the local Anglo PSF seem quite tame in comparison :) It was great fun to deal with them.

And the Spanish translation could not be missing an it is up at Noticias 24. 38 comments in barely one hour. The chavista comments of course did not get the point of the post at all.

-The end-

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