Sunday, August 05, 2007

A blog reaches 5, and a new blog arrives

Yesterday Miguel gave us some needed good news: his blog has reached the 5 year mark, and he plans to keep going. The feat needs to be underlined: right now in English Miguel's Devil's Excrement is the longest continuously written blog in English from Venezuela. In fact, he might be the longest continuously written blog in Venezuela today. That is quite something, a record to envy, and a true mark of steadfastness, purpose, and coherence.

But Miguel also reveals to us what has helped him write for so long, when even at his most busy or distracted he had to time to drop a weekly note, or at coax one of his guest bloggers to do so.
I will keep writing, because all sorts of external reasons will be blamed when the whole thing collapses, but I plan to record how it all happened and how this is the result of ignorance, arrogance and the belief that the laws of economics can be manipulated at will.
That is, regardless on how the winds blow, reality will always catch up with us in Venezuela and Miguel wants it to be left written somewhere. He does not care whether he is is a modern day Cassandra, he know he is right and that unfortunately he will be proven right. I could not agree more.

But there is also another piece of good news. Gustavo Coronel, another Cassandra, but with a long past of déjà vu has decided to open his own blog and not be dependent on aleatory hosting.

Gustavo's blog, called Las Armas de Coronel, will be a bilingual blog, a novelty around this business. Then again he might be the only one able to handle with equal acidness Spanish and English. It is worth to examine his recent entries to see that he will be a required reading, no matter how harsh you think he might be.

Saturday 4: a complete list of all that Venezuela's people money that Chavez has been wasting around. (in Spanish)

Friday 3: the best evidence I have ever seen written as to how the CNE is nothing but a brothel serving Chavez in his desire to screw the country. After reading such a letter I wonder who could ever consider that there will be clean and fair elections in Venezuela He even found a picture of his target, Janeth Hernandez, that shows her as the cheap Madame she is. (in Spanish)

Thursday 2: how Ecuador is fast catching up to Venezuela in corruption. Gustavo is an informed individual and no significant detail escapes him.

Wednesday 25: Bravely Gustavo lists his favorite 30 defenders of Venezuela's near death democracy. You might agree or not about his list (for example Miguel and this blogger appear respectively in position 26 and 27, quite a honor!) but from his choices you can see that he has no time to waste with mediocrity, wishy washy politicos that live of hot air and produce nothing. All on his list can show something to establish their credentials as anti Chavez democratic fighters: we all have stuck out our necks, and will keep putting our necks out for the just cause. Gustavo appreciates the value of continuity in efforts, something that lacks to too many Venezuelans but that some like Miguel have plenty to spread around.

-The end-

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