Friday, September 14, 2007

Chavez, the ungrateful S.O.B.

Chavez said today that the PODEMOS leaders have stopped being revolutionaries and have become counter revolutionaries.

In stalino-castrist parlance that means that Ismael Garcia et al are now good for the dustbin of history. They should be happy, in Cuba they would already be in jail, if actually alive.

With this declaration Chavez once again demonstrates where his regime is headed, and what an ungrateful SOB he is. For those late into this game, PODEMOS is the political party to whom Chavez is the most indebted to. PODEMOS provided the frame work that helped the Chavez campaign of 1998 (when it was still the MAS). PODEMOS defended Chavez in 2002 perhaps even more than many an MVR, more than any of Chavez devotee today clapping as hard as they can the demise of PODEMOS. PODEMOS parliamentarian maneuvering helped chavismo pass all sorts of unconstitutional laws such as the packing of the high court. PODEMOS was one of the leading organizers of the Recall Election campaign and supported all sorts of threats against the opposition, those who signed against Chavez. PODEMOS did so many moral compromises that it is considered today as one of the most immoral groups of Venezuela.

And yet Chavez throws them away as if nothing, discredits, humiliates in public the leaders of PODEMOS and ask their followers to forget about them and join the PUSV and forget the whole thing.


thing and People like Chavez can NEVER appear indebted to anyone as it might detract from their aura. All the people that helped Castro, that Castro was indebted to, have slowly but surely all disappeared, and many years before Castro became old. By the late 70ies most of them had disappeared or gone to revolutionary retirement or to Miami. Chavez will do exactly the same, not because he is advised to do so by the Cubans that circle him, but because it is in the nature of the beast.

This week PODEMOS dies alone. None of the people that PODEMOS helped bury is there to defend them, to throw them a helping hand, as they become yet a new poster case for pastor Niemoller. I, for one, do not feel sad for them. They had it coming. They should have known better. As early as the first half of 1999 Chavez was already throwing supporters away. As early as March 1999 this blogger was telling that such things will be done by Chavez. Too bad I did not have a blog then to report how Chavez treated the constitutional reform committee he created just before he took office. I suppose that we are a people with short memory, with too much "that will not happen to me" attitude toward life. Even after 9 years of chavismo some people manage to be surprised at the ejection of PODEMOS.

Now Ismael Garcia goes to "Buenas Noches" in Globovision. He is out of microphones in state TV as of now, and he must go to the media that the so often insulted. Maybe RCTV will hand him an interview some morning?

But my message tonight is not for PODEMOS, they can rot in hell, they have benefited too much from Chavez, and I mean more than politically, economically. If they straighten up we will have to collaborate with them to remove from office at some point the greater evil that threatens all of us. At least their governors are showing the way on how to oppose Chavez and how to defend the people they represent from the dangers of centralization. We'll see.

No, my message tonight is for all of these people that applaud Chavez when he curses PODEMOS, all of these PSF that will defend Chavez actions, all of this people that will try to ingratiate themselves with Chavez to get the jobs left open by the departure of PODEMOS. To all of you suckers, a regime like the one of Chavez NEEDS regular purges, with or without reason. Worry not, your turn will come one day, just because you did not jump fast enough or high enough when Chavez asked you to do so. You'll see, trust me on that one.

PS: I was forgetting! The crime of PODEMOS? To want to actually discuss Chavez proposal, of not being willing to accept it just "as is". For El Supremo, for the embodiment of the bolibanana revolution, this is unforgivable!!!!

-The end-

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