Thursday, November 01, 2007

Another day of repression in Caracas

The students marched to the electoral board of Venezuela, CNE.

First, a small commentary, but important. Where in the REAL democratic world do we see people marching against electoral commission of the country in such huge numbers? we might want to ponder that for a dew minutes.....

The armed forces and the police used the repression that we have already seen, while some small groups of pro Chavez hecklers were protected and allowed to do pretty much as they pleased. The images are quite sobering about he state of repression that Venezuela is going into, fast. El Universal even now publishes its articles with video amateurs included!!! It seems that now we must always travel with a video camera so we can film when the "authorities" descend on us! The young Vivas was the notorious victim of the day when the videos caught more than a dozen cops brutalizing him alone, in the most cowardly fashion and where forced to stop when they realized that they were being filmed by the media. The kid lost two teeth and the government says, coldly, that there was no violence from their cops, in spite of the videos, eye witness and victim declaration.

A group of students returning from the CNE march was agreessed by a group of chavista "students" who ambushed them near offices of the UCV administration. Besides the fight, the offices were partially destroyed by the weaponry manipulated by the chavista "students". By the way, who are these chavista students? Which campus has elected them? How come they look everyday more like fascist red shirts than students? And I am not talking about that UCV group, I am talking about those that the government is parading everywhere.

But that was not the only violence in Venezuela. Today was the first day with the 1.5% surtax on ANY business transaction, sure to propel inflation next month by a few points. But today we also got the announcement that the inflation of October was 2.4%!!! That not only trashes once and for all any effort, any goal by the government to control inflation this year, but it is violence tot he wallet of Venezuelans.

And speaking of the wallets of Venezuelans. Yesterday a group of Primero Justicia pols decided to protest at the high court. They were allowed to spend the night in an internal area, without access to bathrooms or water fountains. Fair is fair in political struggles. But what is not fair is that at 4 AM the Nazional Guard came in to remove them form the spot, against the word given previously. And once outside they were ROBBED by the policemen and secret service of the regime.

And if that was not enough we got again confirmation that death penalty exists in fact in Venezuela. The total of prison violence this year so far is 370 murders and 781 injuries.

Everyday the bolivarian revolution gets more blood on its hands, and it is only starting.

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update: the video of the aggression to Vivas is up here.

There were other aggressions elsewhere: the Tachira university campus was taken over by the Nazional Guard. Video here.

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