Saturday, December 08, 2007

CNE update

The CNE announced "final" results last night. But in fact they only announced that officially the NO had won. Only 94% of the tallies are accounted so far! 5 full days after the vote!!! I mean, even from Ulna Bator by FedEx the consulate tally would have reached Caracas by now! Well, I do not know if we have a consulate in Mongolia, but if we had one, DHL or FedEx can serve it.....

Even a 98% I could have understood: need to validate tallies, etc... But ONLY 94% at this point? With the system that chavismo wants us to believe is the most sophisticated and fair in the world?

This morning, somewhat recovered from last week I decided to have a closer look. After all, I am waiting for the final results to examine the results in more detail. I am not too concerned about the final result: the big centers have been accounted for and what remains are probably small centers with few votes. Yet, even allowing for this provision I cannot help be be worried by the contrast between the 88% tallies bulletin of Monday 1 AM and the one from yesterday.

Monday morning we had 8.883.746 votes counted and yesterday we only went up to 9.045.344.

From her own admission Tibisay says that the remaining 2000 tallies have an average of 200 voters per tally (1).

Since Monday the CNE counted 160.000 votes, for also 6% tallies. With the same calculation we see that the average tally count drops to 80! 160 000 / 2000 = 80. The average tally in these 6% is lower than the average tally on the remaining to be counted.

OK, so maybe Tibisay was in a hurry to leave for Buenos Aires, but at the very least we can say that the CNE is REALLY sloppy in its work. That is why no matter what people do not trust the CNE. Or is that what the CNE wants, people not to trust it?

PS: and even though the bulletin has been emitted, the CNE page on results is still NOT updated....

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1) I quote in Spanish from the CNE page so nobody can tell me I am misinforming or misstating:

La rectora señaló que aún están pendientes por totalizar 2.000 mil actas, de las cuales mil corresponden a centros de votación manuales, ubicados en sitios lejanos y en el exterior. Mientras que las otras mil actas son de centros automatizados sin factibilidad transmisión y con pocos electores (Amazonas, Delta Amacuro, Apure y algunos municipios lejanos). Todo ello representa unos 200 mil electores.

-The end-

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