Saturday, December 01, 2007

The unacceptable result

Tonight, sipping a little glass of merlot rose and giddily happy from my Saturday business trip to Valencia where I saw people in the streets and stores wearing a NO T-shirt (an unthinkable sight a few weeks ago!) I am in the mood to settle a few issues before tomorrow’s vote and results. Bear with me as I indulge and blame it on the wine.

There is a canard that chavismo is trying to circulate as a justification of who knows what somber plan the empire has. Namely that the opposition, the US and many other people will not recognize a SI victory tomorrow. While away, one reader had the courtesy to post in comments a link to such an example from perfidious Albion herself. Well, the perfidious pseudo left in Albion to be more accurate because the letter to the Guardian is signed by no one else but Ken Livingstone, a hypocrite, leading one of the wealthiest city in the world, and receiving oil subsidies from a third world country for his political benefit. There are other nefarious luminaries signing that letter too, such as Harold Pinter probably looking for ideas for new plays in Chavez bad “novela” and Tony Benn who obviously forgot to ask about Chavez what he is reputed to always ask "What power have you got? Where did you get it from? In whose interests do you use it? To whom are you accountable? How do we get rid of you?”

These people ask nothing less than that the world respects the result of Sunday, not suspecting that the first person they should ask that from is Chavez himself. It is also interesting that the letter comes right after Friday when Chavez denounced that the US would refuse to recognize the result and ordered the militarization of all PDVSA installations in case the marines were to land or something. The army obeyed, and driving in front of El Palito refinery today I saw indeed a few small tanks and armed to the teeth soldiers guarding the entrances. Needless to say that even though I had my camera I did not feel like stopping for a picture….

Now, I do not want to enter into any silly discussion as to whether the US is funding some destabilization plan. I do think that if such a plan exists it is discreetly managed and limited to some funding to pay for electoral posters or what not. After all, nothing that Chavez is not doing himself all over Latin America. The US have no incentive to do more than that, they know that Chavez will be forced to sell them at least half of his oil for the foreseeable future and that is ALL that the US wants. Period. So forget about the latest “operacion Tenaza” nincompoopness: it is just something made up by chavismo to confuse the simple minded and managed by even more simple minded folks like Eva Golinger.

What I want to say is that any SI result tomorrow cannot be recognized by any democrat in the world. One cannot recognize a result that will use part of one country to diminish the civil rights of another part of the country. It cannot be accepted, ever.

It does not matter if the result tomorrow is 90% SI and that I am given access to everything that will prove to me without the shade of a doubt that the Venezuelan people voted massively for the SI. I still will not accept it. I cannot accept that my life will be forever subjected to the whimsy of a now certifiable man, I cannot accept that some of my basic human rights such as my right to be informed at all time, the right to own my home and business, my right to work in any morally acceptable pursuit, my right to seek redress for injustice, my right to organize people to seek referendum for changing the opprobrious, my right to have a local ruler elected by my community at all times, my right to keep my private life away from the queries of a militia, and more rights that I still do not know of will be diminished when not eliminated.

I will not accept and even less recognize as legitimate such a vote result because voting on such things is profoundly undemocratic. In fact, it is ademocratic, a word that needs to be coined for the occasion. All those who support such result are themselves ademocrat, and probably amoral. They should get ready for the consequences of their actions as bloodshed always follows such exercises in rights restriction. It is just a matter of time. Grab any history book to find the examples you need to get convinced of my words.

-The end-

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