Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The world panics, Venezuelans and Colombia stay cool

The French love maps. Must be something from the Napoleonic wars. With a new little Napoleon in charge in Paris, one should not be surprised to see Le Monde put a map of the military campaign against Colombia.

It comes complete, with FARC influence areas (curiously quite close from the borders, no?), troops moving, and where Reyes was killed.

I am sure that somewhere in France someone must be looking for the next Austerlitz (or is that Waterloo?)

The only problem is this very same Le Monde article also states that the Colombian army is not moving, that it has nothing to fear, that basically it does not care, that they can move fast any time they want, that they prefer to spend time taking Chavez to international courts for sponsoring the FARC.

It does not say, but I can vouch for it, that Venezuelans are going around their everyday business as if nothing. If there is a war atmosphere it is in the mind of a few hysterical chavistas. There is no "union sacrée".

(Hat Tip Kepler)

-The end-

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