Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Danilo Anderson case collapses: who is going to pay for ALL the wasted lives?

[Update: for those who read Spanish and are late to this Anderson melodrama, there is a chronological account, long, here. Hat tip Alpha.]

Today we had an hallucinating moment.

At a book signing Isaias Rodriguez declared non-plussed that all what he did on the investigation of the assassination of Danilo Anderson was legit. Any new evidence that might come up today was just the latest media manipulation. Apparently CNN and other are now "transnational media" serving Bush and which main goal is to destabilize Chavez. Apparently chavismo thinks that high of itself....

In other words any information is disqualified because it comes form the US. And it is put out because this year is an electoral year (note: most years are electoral years with Chavez). Ah! and the FBI, yes, the FBI, has a plan for that called "shock and awe". I kid you not. When I was watching Isaias I could not get the words as he probably took perfect pleasure in massacring them (they are in English, you know, the language of evil). I had to wait to see it written to confirm the "awe" part.

Meanwhile the star witness, whose words were enough because Isaias
personallysaw sincerity in his eyes, was declaring at the prosecutor office. We had to wait until a few minutes ago when it was over to hear the first info on the deposition. Apparently the star witness, Giovanny Vasquez, was offered money then to say all sorts of things that today he denied under oath. In other words, the people that are in exile, the ones that have been prosecuted, the ones that have been jailed, the ones that got killed, all of these judicial decisions were prosecuted on false witness charges and are as of today void or need to be voided fast. Probably even including the Guevara brothers trial.

Of course, I never believed Vasquez then, I do not see why I should believe him today. But the credibility of his words come from the pretense of Isaias who knows he is done with, that a side of chavismo has decided to throw him to the wolves. We have seen that before, remember? Even Tascon, the ultimate blackmailer is a nobody these days...

Conclusion: the Anderson Case is over. Unless some new evidence comes front, it will now slowly but surely go into oblivion. Whoever planned that has had plenty of time to cover his or her tracks. More importantly, the corruption web around it is so deep that an omerta of sorts will take place.

The only suspense is how fast the charges will be lifted and whether the Guevara brothers will get at the very least a fair trial without the deposition of Geovanny Vasquez included. The other question is who will pay for that. Honorable people have been put at the index and have lost YEARS of their lives running for their life or trying to rebuild their reputation. Isaias Rodriguez has built one of the biggest judicial travesty of history and someone some day will have to pay for that. I suspect that people like Patricia Poleo will now go to international court to get Isaias ass. I think jail is too good for him. Then again he knows so much that do not be surprised that if he has an "accident" or is named to some embassy and never returns. Because if Isaias falls, a lot of people within chavismo are going to fall.

In a way evil triumphs: the murderer will never be known but that the innocent is released at the end will be a compensation of sorts and too many people will swallow it, fish, bait and hook.

-The end-

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