Thursday, June 12, 2008

Post 2000

I do not know what kind of milestone this might mean, but according to my "blogger counter" this is post number 2000.

It is perhaps as good an excuse to also say that I have received a recognition from the Spanish language blogosphere through Alexis Marrero, Premio al Esfuerzo Personal.

From its title, "Prize to personal effort", we can assume safely that it is a way for bloggers to recognize their colleagues who have been particularly consistent over the year. Well, since January 2003 and with now 2000 posts, I do fit at least the material part of the gratefully received acknowledgment.

I am supposed to name my own awardees but I am at a loss for that. To begin with I must solve the issue as to which language should I give the majority of the up to five awards I am supposed to give. And second I have a horrible confession to do: I read very few blogs because of a chronic lack of time. I spend already so much time in researching and writing that only on week ends, on occasion, I sit for an hour or two to read some blogs. Yes, there is not even a half dozen blogs that I visit at least once a week. The Venezuelan English anti Chavez ones do not count because when I am torn about what issue to write about I check on them first to see if they have not covered it already: I hate redundancy. Oh well, I think what I can come up with later. Meanwhile thanks for Alexis very opportune recognition, I am touched.

-The end-

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