Friday, June 06, 2008

Venezuelan army officer caught in Colombia selling bullets for the FARC

This just broke in on Globovision screen so I withdrew the post I just placed as this story is much more important (that post will go up later).

According to RCN Colombia, and just shown on Globovision, a Nazional Guard officer was arrested in Colombia trying to sell FAL bullets to some FARC agent.

Now before anyone screams that this is the ultimate proof that Chavez is in bed with the FARC I will suggest another possible explanation: it is a free agent. The Venezuelan armed forces have become so corrupt that I would not be surprised at all that some N.G. guy with access to weapon management is trying to make a fast buck on the side.

No matter which explanation come up Chavez looks equally bad because if his soldiers are now selling bullets for profit you can imagine what type of hold Chavez as on the army.... And of course if it is proved that indeed the guy was just an intermediary sponsored by one of Chavez ministers, well, I leave the consequences to your imagination....

Update: the link at RCN is up! And it will be expanded later, they tell us.

Update 2: The bullets ar for AK rifles. Globovision has put its version up; there were up to 4 Venezuelans, some carry carry Colombian and Venezuelan ID, so who knows what they are.

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