Wednesday, July 02, 2008

African Union and OAS: Same difference!

The OAS got good news yesterday: there is an even more spineless organization than the OAS, the African Union. Insulza can be happy, he can point out to people with a worse record than his own. Who knows, it might even help him in his bid for Chile's presidency by becoming the hero that proved that Latinos are not as craven as Blacks.

But in fact the OAS is worse than the African Union. As this one failed to condemn Mugabe naked fascism it can at least find a meager comfort in that at least half of its countries are ruled by thugs hardly better than Mugabe. But the OAS is formed all by elected governments ruled by civilians except in Venezuela. And yet the thug that threatens democracy all through the continent is given a free pass the way that on occasion even Mugabe might look with envy. But the thug in this hemisphere has a fat check book and a craven audience.

Now it is the turn for the UN to show that it can do something. Unfortunately with the opposition of Thabo Mbeki, this enabler extraordinary that has allowed for racial massacres among blacks inside South Africa, there is little hope. So I am doing my bit here and announce my boycott to the South Africa World Cup as of now. I know, it is very little in the big scheme of things but at least on a personal level readers of this blog know what this means for me. As Godwin wrote, there is no reason that Thabo Mbeki does not get his own "pungent albatross that spoils every press conference" as China did get with Tibet.

-The end-

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