Saturday, August 16, 2008

Let's not forget: the company they keep

On occasion still some PSF dare to thread these waters. Thus I know they keep reading this blog in the vain hope of finding one day a chink in the armor. So far, so bad.

So, for you all PSF that on occasion glance through these pages, this interview of Armando Valladares by Maria Anastasia O'Grady. You can say all what you want, that she is a paid agent of Bush, that Valladares sold out, that Raul is a nice guy, but the facts are the facts, no matter when in time they happened. As long as you do not at least acknowledge some of these facts, any of your pro Chavez arguments, usually nothing more than a cryptic anti US posturing, will have a woeful lack of credibility. Or, if you prefer, since according to you O'Grady and her subject today are guilty by association, so is Chavez, you must agree.

Deal with it.

-The end-

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