Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chavez the democrat?

[Updated] In the past few days of the 11/23 campaign we have heard from Chavez these following pearls:

- the PPT and the PCV (Venezuela's old and indestructible Communist Party) will be erased from the political map (apparently more important to Chavez than his real opposition).

- he will not send any money to states and cities that do not elect Chavez's candidates (as if he coudl go above the law and the constitution at will to discriminate who he wanted).

- he grievously insulted in a meeting the local candidates for Zulia state positions (in a state devoted to the Virgen de la Chiquinquira you do not use the term "desgraciado").

- and other gems but we are limiting ourselves to the three recent biggies, and most telling.

Now, as I have often pointed, the international crowd of Chavez supporters (mercifully dwindling!) has advanced as their main (when not only) excuse for all of Chavez abuses that he had won I do not know how many elections and thus he was a democrat and reflected the will of the people. Besides poorly reflecting on their own concept of democracy, their excuse was very vulnerable because it never considered Chavez in front of an unfavorable electoral scenario, the true test of a democrat, the test that extraordinary people like Churchill or De Gaulle passed brilliantly. Since December 2007 Chavez has finally been confronted with a real test at the polls and his true nature is for all to see: he is acting everyday more like the true fascist he has always been. The three recent items cited above are clear: such antics, betrayals of formers allies and personalization of power are reserved for the Mussolinis of this world.

Weil today summarizes very well what a fascist-revolutionary is:

What? Who is a true revolutionary?
This is a true revolutionary!

Update: I thought that I coudl post a video where you can appreciate all the hate that emanates from Chavez these days. Youtube carries something edited by Megaresistencia and it is good enough as it does not comment, just let Chavez speak on his own words. It is important for US readers not familiar with cultural quirks of Venezuela that repeatedly calling Rosales "desgraciado", out of divine grace, is much stronger than what you might think at all. Let's say that McCain recent comment about whipping Obama is very mild, something that both candidates could joke at it in public at the next debate as in" good one Mc!" " well, you know, after you called Sarah this, I had to say something". In other words, IN VENEZUELA, the Zulia words of Chavez are beyond repair: there is no way he can apologize from what you will see in that video. Worry not about the words, just look at the puffed and distorted face of hate from Chavez. Truly scary!

-The end-

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