Thursday, November 13, 2008


I am taking a few personal days. Thus it is unlikely that there will be any post until next Tuesday at the earliest (unless where I am retreating has excellent Internet connection which might allow me to drop a short note or two). This chagrins me because I am behind in my electoral coverage as I still have to write up the Llanos, Oriente and Bolivar. I trust that I will be able to write on at least two before November 23.

Meanwhile you can keep reading old posts for tags "2008 elections" and "regional politics" and of course Miguel which I hope will supply some of the stuff that I will not do. Miguel might be based in Caracas and might have no idea of the difference between Yaracuy and Cojedes but he has a sure footing at following Chavez abuses and eccentricities which is probably going to be what matters the most in the final stretch.

You can keep commenting as ghost moderators will be working.

-The end-

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