Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Danilo Anderson

I am not going back on that case. But since yesterday it was the fourth anniversary of his murder and since while driving back to San Felipe I listened when Chavez talked about it I need to post something(he claims to have "ordered" more protection for Anderson, but he was not obeyed. Yes, he said that.)

Last week, after the false key witness has been exposed, more has happened. One of the state prosecutors, now in hiding, has detailed a lot of the ways in which the case was in large part a big cover up. If to this we add the manipulations that Isaias Rodriguez did, and much, much more, we can conclude this very likely scenario.

Danilo Anderson was no hero. In fact he was part, or led, a racketeering group.

He either found something big about a higher up or worked together with a higher up in government. He then either started blackmailing that/these person/s, or was perceived as being able to do so. We are talking here inner circle of the chavista government.

His assassination was planned at the same time as the cover up that followed. In that cover up cops and other tried deliberately to get rid of inconvenient people and thus put the blame for the murder on them. That explains why such unlikely candidates for such a well planed murder were involved: I think in particular of Cardinal Castillo Lara and Patricia Poleo.

Something went not quite right and they managed to kill only two of their targets. Eventually the evidence they advanced was not enough to inculpate all those they wanted to do. Still, a few took the fall. Patricia Poleo is still in exile and now it appears that the Guevara brothers are serving a life sentence for something that they might not have done. At any rate, whether they did the crime or not, it is clear that whomever paid them to do so is free, at large. Amen for those who were killed as prime suspects and who now might be totally blameless. When is the repair to their families coming?

Thus the words of Chavez yesterday had the fake ring of hypocrisy, of someone trying to cover himself with Teflon because he knows that the judicial system in Venezuela is never going to scratch where it is supposed to investigate. Exactly as with the Maletagate, the Anderson affair is way, way too close to Miraflores for comfort.

On the radio I could hear the ignorant PSUV mob who cheered him as he spoke of that, not realizing that anyone of them could be next in yet another murder that will never be explained.

-The end-

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