Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Venezuelan 2008 election: update 15 - What is in store for us if the opposition wins

This past week we have had ample perspective on the democratic talents of Chavez and chavismo in case they lose a few states and town halls. A smooth transition it ain't not gonna be.

Opposing governors will be jailed.
Whether you win, as the Rosales case shows, or you merely leave office due to term limits, if you or your candidate beat the chavista one, you will be going to jail. The latest case is outgoing Sucre governor Ramon Martinez, once upon a time a close, close buddy of Chavez, who know can expect jail.

Town halls and state houses that are not in chavista hands will be burnt down. In our local rehearsal of the Reichstag burning, PSUV students (?) were sent to burn down the town hall of Carupano. Now we know what they teach in the "bolivarian" universities (?): S.A. political tactics. no wonder we never hear from student body elections in those "campus".

Other local resources will be taken over by the central government if the PSUV does not win. Actually, this has already started long ago where chavismo feels it might be losing. The latest case is also in Carupano where the small touristic airport has been taken over by the Nazional Guard.

If you criticize Chavez you will be banned from your own state. The municipal council of Valencia in chavista hands is voting on whether to ban from Carabobo state anyone criticizing Chavez. The august BBC itself reports on that. Bummer!!! I will have to travel through the Llanos when I drive to Caracas!!!!

The only "culture" will be state approved. At the FILVEN just opening its doors, censorship works full steam. The El Nacional editing house books have been banned from the book fair. Other observers report on how "selective" the offerings are, brain washing being a term used. If this were a private book fair it might be acceptable but it is paid at tax payer expenses. We are looking forwards the first auto da fe brightening up Caracas nights!

And there you have chavismo when for the first time it is confronted to a democratic challenge: the ugly beast finally rearing its head for all to see.

Ps: and I was forgetting, forgive me, that if Salas Feo wins in Carabobo Chavez will send the tanks in. As if it were its own army for him to do as he pleases, even his own little coup d'etats in the states of his chosing.

-The end-

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