Sunday, December 28, 2008

With jails like these.....

The red pages of the papers can be full of hints on why things in Venezuela are far from improving.

El Universal carries today an item about yet another gun and knife fight inside a Caracas jail. The reason was a section of prisoners trying to take the upper hand on another. Two people killed, some hurt. One of the killed had already been serving a murder term for three years and yet his wife managed to get pregnant while he was in jail and to give birth to their third child.

How many wrongs can you see in the paragraph above?

How did these people manage to get guns?

Aren't the guards supposed to be in control so such fights are unnecessary?

How come a murder criminal in jail manages to get his wife pregnant?

How come he even still has a wife willing to have sex with him?

I'll stop here. Thinking about all that is wrong in a society that has such a jail system and the people that accommodate themselves with it will spoil the Christmas spirit to the most liberal of individuals and turn him into a ferocious castigator...

-The end-

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