Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chavista pro Palestinian fashionistas

Of course, some people assume that taking up a disguise guarantees their belonging to a group or support to a cause. Now the Venezuelan red shirts are falling over each other to adopt the keffiyeh to mark their support to Chavez latest nonsense.

I did find three pictures to show you (I am sorry I did not have the reflex to take a TV snap shot of the VTV morning sycophant, who wears it with particular bravado).

Let's start with El Supremo (from Tal Cual)

Isturiz, ex-education minister (he should know better, should he not?), failed candidate for Caracas mayor at large seat.

Vanessa Davies, host of "contragolpe" on VTV prime time. I would like to know if for her burkha is just a pleasant local custom
(both above pictures from Chigüire Bipolar).

They should know that LA parties had already the keffiyeh as a fashion statement in 2006.

Good thing that ridicule does not kill.

-The end-

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