Thursday, February 19, 2009

Antisemitism in Venezuela: troubling findings

While working on election coverage one must not forget other pressing issues. The one I have in mind is Antisemitism in Venezuela. I am not going back on the Synagogue attack who very conveniently was "solved" by the government in a rather strange and expedite way that does not make sense. And just as it was the case with the Anderson crime, the culprits have been supposedly arrested but we do not know who gave the order for the crime. I propose that we wait a little bit more to make up our minds on the lame Chavez explanation becasue there are interesting little items that are coming up.

Today American Thinker posts a fascinating research on the activities of Martin Sanchez, Aporrea founder and know some sort of itinerant bolivarian propaganda man who goes from consulate to consulate position. As the files of Aporrea are examined more and more items are found that reflect at the very best sloppy editing at the site. At the worst, of course, a direct acquiescence of Sanchez towards the antisemitic writings found at Aporrea.

The ADL comes up with quite a lot of antisemitic declarations gathered through Venezuelan state media. Fascinating read. And I suspect that more is yet to come, or created as a Chavez drunk on victory will not watch his tongue as carefully (not to mention his sycophantic court).

We must keep pursuing these people and expose them to the public. If indeed Sanchez supports antisemitism then as a Venezuelan diplomat he should be expelled from the US (or any civilized country) A.S.A.P.

And if he does not, then that these articles have been published he should come out and clear his name. Even the pages of this blog are open to him if he wishes it so.

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