Monday, February 09, 2009

Daniel at Jewcy

I was posting less last week after the flurry of posts over the Synagogue attack in Caracas. One reason is that I was writing a note for Jewcy, a site of interests for Jewish people and their friends (I am a gentile, and agnostic at that). I had been asked long ago to start collaborating there and last week I could not demure anymore. Please visit and say hello to show your support, not only to this blogger.

On a related topic there is this great editorial in the Miami Herald who wonders why Europe and North America condemned so strongly the Synagogue attack while the rest of South America kept an obscene silence. The most damning silence is the one from Cristina K. who until now was very vocal in support of Argentina Jews. Goes to tell you how dependant financially (and mafiosili) she has become of Chavez….

-The end-

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