Sunday, April 12, 2009

Venezuela News &Views, what for?

First I must issue a warning: the following posts can be seen as a self indulgent exercise. If you are interested in hard news and comment you might want to skip some of the next posts, if not all of them.

In the following posts I will try to assess what the situation in Venezuela is today and what are the consequences for me if I want to keep blogging. As I have written a couple of weeks ago, I need to do that review before I decide what to do with this blog. The question is not whether to stop writing; it is how to be purposeful with that writing. Tentatively these issues will be covered in the following posts (links added as posts are written):
These titles might change as I keep writing and as such this very same post might be edited until its final version comes up. This post will remain on top as the links to the new posts will be placed in the above section.

And I will not cover current news as long as this series is not over, which might take maybe a couple of weeks.

-The end-

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